Intramural Sports


Games start 5th week of the semester. There will be a 5 week regular season, and a 3 week single elimination tournament. All games will be held on campus.

B BasketballMondays7-10pmForbes Gym
C BasketballTuesdays7-10pmForbes Gym
Flag FootballWednesdays7-10pmField House
SoccerSundays1-4pmRedwood Bowl
VolleyballThursdays7-9pmWest Gym

Students  = Free    Staff/Faculty Members = $15/semester       Community Members = $30/semester

Sign up here:

*All payments will be done through imleagues when you create or join a team. 


NIRSA Regional Championships - Basketball 

Compete against other college intramural teams at the University of Oregon. March 8-10th

Cost - $350

Registration Deadline - February 25th, 2024


What sports are available?

The following sports and times will be offered for the Fall semester 2022.

  • Basketball
    • "B" league Mondays 7-10pm, Forbes Gym 
  • Soccer
    • Co-ed "Open" Tuesdays 7-10pm, Field House
  • Volleyball
    • Co-ed "Open" Thursdays 7-10pm, West Gym
  • If you want to see any additional sports added please send an email to with your request. If there is enough interest we can add it in to the schedule.

 What is the weekly time committment?

1 hour. Each team plays one, one hour game per week. 

What do the "A", "B", "C", "Open", "Pick-up", "Unified" league types mean?

  • A - no restrictions on eligibility (intercollegiate athletes are eligible).
  • B - current intercollegiate/sport club players (same sport) are not eligible.
  • C - no former/current intercollegiate/sport club/professional players (same sport) are eligible.
  • Open - same as B League for men. Same as A League for women.
  • Pick-up - Does not require team affiliation, no weekly committment. Open to all.
  • Unified- Special Olympic soccer and baskeball leagues. No sign-up necessary. All skill levels wanted.

When and where do I sign up/pay?

Register online at:

Click here to see an instructional video: Creating accounts and teams on IMLeagues

Click here to download detailed instructions: IMLeagues Instructions

Please go to this website and create your team.  Each team member must create an account and join the team. If you have questions, please call the office at 826-6011 or use the "chat window" on IMLeagues' website.

Registration for intramurals will begin the first day of the semester and end at midnight on the following third Sunday. Teams will be approved after the captain successfully passes the quiz online.

First Come First Served!

What are a captain's responsibilities?

The captain is a vital link between the Recreational Sports Office and your intramural team. Only those who are interested, have the time, and are willing to be responsible should volunteer to be a captain.

A team captain is responsible for the following:

  • Register your team at
  • Pay a forfeit fee ($10) anytime the team forfeits before their next scheduled game. (Any team member can pay the fee, the captain is ultimately responsible to ensure that it is paid in a timely manner.) See instructional video: How to make CASHNET payments
  • Be thoroughly familiar with all rules.
  • The sportsmanship of your team.
  • Notify team of date, time, and location of contests.

How do I register a team?

  1. Pick up intramural registration guidelines at the Recreational Sports Office (RWC 101) during the first week of classes.
  2. You will then go to to register your team. (Instructional video: Creating accounts and teams on IMLeagues)
  3. Take and pass the captain's quiz on imleagues. 
  4. Once we receive notice that you've passed the quiz, your team will be APPROVED.

What is the sportsmanship policy?

The intramural sportsmanship policy at Humboldt is strictly enforced in order to uphold the dignity and respect of student officials and participants. The sportsmanship rating system works as follows:

Each game is worth five (5) sportsmanship points. At the conclusion of each league game, the official(s) will rate the team using the guidelines outlined below:

  • 5 points: A team thoroughly respects the official(s) calls and shows sportsmanship to the opposing players.
  • 4 points: A team or team member fails to respect the official(s) calls and the opposing team in a minor way.
  • 3 points: A team or team member receives a technical foul, yellow card, or shows poor sportsmanship to the official(s) or opposing team. Forfeits also result in a 3.
  • 2 points: A team or team member is ejected from a game for poor sportsmanship, receives two (2) technical fouls, or receives a red card.
  • 1 point: More issues after an ejection.
  • 0 points: The game is called due to sportsmanship issues.
A team must end the reagular season with an average sportsmanship score of 4 in order to qualify for postseason play.

What is your policy on trans and non-binary participants?

Individuals can participate in any intramural sport in accordance with their gender identity, regardlessof legal or medical status. Participants who identify as non-binary are welcome to participate in accordance with their identity. They will be exempt from any binary gender-specific rules or regulations.

We recognize that coming to know one's gender identity can be a complex process that occurs over an extended period of time. This policy is designed to affirm and include every individual that wishes to participate.

Who is eligible to participate?

All Humboldt students are eligible to participate in the intramural program at no cost.  Faculty/staff members can participate in the intramural program with a fee of $15. Community members will be required to pay a $30 fee to participate.

Before every game you will be required to stop in the intramural office and present a picture I.D. and check out a jersey. At the end of your game return your jersey and collect your I.D. If you do not have a picture I.D. you will not be eligible to play. NO EXCEPTIONS.

What if I don't have a team?

Join a Pick-up league to play without a team! 



Click on the sport(s) and league(s) that you are interested in. Click on "Register/Sign-up." Click on "Free Agent." Fill out the form and post your listing.

If you would like to play on a team and do not have a team to play on, don't worry. You may sign up on the Free Agent List and teams who need extra players will contact people from the Free Agent List. You can also register yourself as a manager and pull a list of names from the free agent list and organize your own team. Usually the Rec Sports Office does not facilitate this, although we will help you with the process.

Who can play in playoff tournaments?

Following the round robin league schedule, every team with a sportsmanship average of 4 or higher, and no more than two forfeits, will advance to the playoff tournament. All players must play in at least two league games to be eligible for playoffs. If you play on two teams in the same league you will have to choose a team to play with in the playoffs. The first team you play with will be your tournament team, no exceptions.

Make sure to check in at the Intramural Office (RWC 101) before every game in order to receive credit for participating.

What if my team can't play a scheduled game?

If you notify the Recreational Sports Office ASAP and no later than the day before that your team is unable to attend your scheduled game, we will notify the team you are scheduled to play and inform them that you will not be there. You will also not have your sportsmanship score lowered or owe a forfeit fee.

If you fail to have enough players to play a game, your team will receive a forfeit, you will be required to pay a $10 forfeit fee immediately, and you will get a 3 for a sportsmanship score.

If your team receives three forfeits, you will be eliminated from the league.

Community/Staff/Faculty players

Community Members will pay a fee of $30 per semester to participate.

Staff/Faculty members will pay a fee of $15 per semester to participate

Click here to see instructional video: How to make CASHNET payments