Disc Golf

HSU Disc Golf Club welcomes all abilities. Whether you are a novice or experienced pro, come join the club and throw along side others passionate about disc golfing! Disc Golf Club travels to many tournament and will host some of their own.

 DISC GOLF IS BACK!  Come join the team!  :)

2015 National Champion....

Women’s – Camille Skweir, Humboldt State

Practice Schedule

There will be no team practice Fall 2020
While there will be no practice, we are still recruiting members! If you are interested please contact the club president.

Competition Schedule

HOME: MARCH 7-8, 2020 Humboldt Disc Golf Tournament vs. CSUMB, Santa Cruz, SLO, and Oregon State


Student Coached Team


  • President: Connor Evans, cme377@humboldt.edu
  • Vice President: Jesse Garate
  • Treasurer: Chelsea Belden
  • Travel Secretary: Jen Brumbeloe
  • Safety Officer: Jose Lara