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The Recreational Sports department houses both Intramurals and Sport Clubs. The Intramural Sports Program at HSU is designed to offer students, faculty/staff and community members recreational activities in which they can participate on campus. Intramural Sports offers team sports in a variety of competitive levels, depending on the participants' skill level and interests. Sport Clubs provide students with leadership opportunities and a more rigorous athletic experience. Teams practice 2-3 times per week and compete against other off-campus clubs and Universities. Rec Sports also administers three (3) RECREATIONAL TIER clubs (see Sport Club Link).


HSU Women's Lacrosse - Team of the Year 2018-2019

Spring 2019 Open Flag Football Champions - #ThaNos B       

Intramural Registration/Rules

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Statement of Purpose

Recreational Sports unites Humboldt State students, staff, faculty and the surrounding community who wish to participate in our programs. We provide recreational, fitness, educational and social opportunities on campus. We promote personal development, discovery, inclusivity and foster community engagement.


Our vision is to create a welcoming and safe environment for all people to participate in programs that are inclusive of all skill levels and abilities. Creating a new environment is achieved through the formation of a diverse community that supports the physical and mental well-being of all participants. Our staff is continually trained to develop cultural competence and adapt according to the needs of our participants within a clearly developed and communicated structure.


We value integrity, respectfulness, openness and teamwork. We value and strive to practice nonviolent communication. We value and strive to develop leadership qualities in staff and participants. We value and encourage people of all backgrounds, identities and all intersections including but limited to race, religion, sex, gender expression, sexuality, ethnicity, political views, age, size, health status, socio-economic status, personality, disability, experience, education, language, participation and nationality to join us in creating a healthy community.



Recreational Sports Staff

Jan Henry 

Jan Henry

Director of Recreational Sports

Eliot Baker

Eliot Baker

Assistant Director of Recreational Sports

Michele Schneider 

Michele Schneider

Athletic Trainer

Recreational Sports Student Staff