Men's Volleyball

2015 Nationals Video Championship Match:

 The Humboldt State Men's Volleyball team plays in the NCCVL, Division II North.  Teams in the league include:  UC Davis, Sac State, St Marys, and Chico. 

HSU is always very competitive in league play. In 2015, HSU played at the DII Nationals and placed 2nd!!

League CHAMPS 2017!

Practice Schedule

Mondays/Wednesdays, KA Gym, 8-10 PM

Competition Schedule

Team competes in the SPRING 2020


<p>Student Coached team</p>


    President:  Raul Roman, (714) 579-9946, rr295@humboldt.eduVice President:  Gabriel Munoz, (805) 340-5549, gam405@humboldt.eduTreasurer:  Esteban Vega, (619) 348-3959, eev10@humboldt.eduTravel Secretary:  Michael Jacobs, (407) 575-7015, mj176@humboldt.eduSafety Officer:  Carter Eyrich, (818) 602-3951,